An Introduction

I'm a writer, editor, and communications professional living in Austin, Texas. By day, I'm the comms director at If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, and I cuss a lot on Twitter. I have a newsletter.

In my most recent past lives, I produced Tomato Pickup, the only podcast about Bloody Marys. I was the executive producer of Traitor Radio, a resistance podcast for short attention spans and once wrote a food blog about politics. Sometimes I talk about twang with my husband on Nope Country, the world's wankiest podcast about the world's least wanky musical genre.

Before moving into reproductive justice work full time, I was the Texas Observer's digital editor, juggling a host of editing duties as well as keeping an eye on a state legislature famous for its tomfoolery while producing the Texas Miracle, the only news magazine-slash-podcast dedicated solely to Texas. Prior to my gig at the Texas Observer, I covered reproductive rights and state politics across the South as a senior political reporter with Rewire, a non-profit online magazine focused on reproductive and social justice, while writing the Texas Observer's monthly "State of the Media" column. Texans may also recognize my name from the virtual pages of Eater Austin and Eater Dallas.

I've also been published in the New York, on Rolling, in the Women's Review of BooksD Magazine, the Austin Chronicle, Salon, BitchMs. Magazine, Jezebel, The Frisky and the Los Angeles Review Of Books' literary magazine, The Offing.

I'm always happy to take questions and assignments at andrea dot grimes at gmail dot com.


Jonnie England said…
Andrea, so glad I found you. When did you leave the Observer?
Andrea Grimes said…
Just in February, Jonnie. Hello!