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An Introduction

I'm a writer, editor and reluctant Texpat living in Alameda, California. I'm the executive producer of Traitor Radio, a resistance podcast for short attention spans. (We would like your money, please.) I cuss on Twitter and run a food blog about politics.  I also cook Guy Fieri recipes with Houston poet Sara Cress on The Flavortonians and drink whiskey and talk about twang with my husband on Nope Country, the world's wankiest podcast about the world's least wanky musical genre.

Before decamping to the west coast in December 2016, I was the Texas Observer's digital editor, juggling a host of editing duties as well as keeping an eye on a state legislature famous for its tomfoolery and producing the Texas Miracle, the only news magazine-slash-podcast dedicated solely to Texas. Prior to my gig at the Texas Observer, I covered reproductive rights and state politics across the South as a senior political reporter with Rewire, a non-profit online magazine focused on repro…

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