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An Introduction

I'm a writer, editor, and communications professional living in Austin, Texas. By day, I'm the comms director at If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, and I cuss a lot on Twitter. I have a newsletter.
In my most recent past lives, I produced Tomato Pickup, the only podcast about Bloody Marys. I was the executive producer of Traitor Radio, a resistance podcast for short attention spans and once wrote a food blog about politics. Sometimes I talk about twang with my husband on Nope Country, the world's wankiest podcast about the world's least wanky musical genre.
Before moving into reproductive justice work full time, I was the Texas Observer's digital editor, juggling a host of editing duties as well as keeping an eye on a state legislature famous for its tomfoolery while producing the Texas Miracle, the only news magazine-slash-podcast dedicated solely to Texas. Prior to my gig at the Texas Observer, I covered reproductive rights and state politics across …

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