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An Introduction

I'm a writer, editor, podcaster, and activist living in Austin, Texas with my husband, two unusually small but nevertheless vocal cats, and an eminently goofy hound dog. I mostly write about Texas, politics, and reproductive justice, and I often engage in strategic communications work around sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice.  This website exists because maybe you'd like to hire me to write, edit, or produce a thing for you, and you're interested in hearing what I'm about. I am deeply biased in favor of abortion rights and access, and I like it that way. From 2018-2021, I led the communications team at  If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice , a legal organization at the vanguard of the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements. A lot of folks know me as the founder of the Taco or Beer Challenge . Because writing is a non-stop hustle and I've never been happy doing one thing at a time anyway, I've been freelancing for nearly 2

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