podcasts and multimedia reporting

Traitor Radio - A resistance podcast for short attention spans. Combining compelling storytelling with activist "homework," Traitor Radio gives people who are ready to resist the means and motivation to do so.

Nope Country: A Country Music Criticism Podcast - I'm on a ride-or-die crusade to intellectualize country music (whether the genre appreciates it or not) with my husband, investigative journalist and country music aficionado Patrick Michels. Every week, Patrick and I interrogate the wonderful, twangy, problematic tunes we love through the lens of a selected work of scholarship or music journalism.

The Flavortonians - With Houston poet Sara Cress, I tackle Guy Fieri's American culinary classic, Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It.  We're cooking every recipe in this ridiculous cookbook in an attempt to connect with an America that, in the wake of Donald Trump's election to the presidency, seems foreign indeed.

The Texas Miracle (Texas Observer) - A progressive podcast-slash-news mag about Texas, featuring a weekly politics news roundup with Texas' top reporters, strange tales from far-flung corners of the state and righteous dressings-down of right-wing lawmakers.

The Glittering Intellect of George W. Bush (Texas Observer) October 19, 2016 - Once upon a time, we all thought Dubya was the dumbest president a country could ask for. Donald Trump upped the ante.

#HereForJaneTX Activists Ask For Abortion Care From Texas Lawmakers (Rewire) June 3, 2015 - After Texas lawmakers proposed (and later passed) a law that effectively ends the judicial bypass process in the state--that's the means by which abused and neglected minors can get a judge's consent for legal abortion care--a grassroots group of Texas reproductive justice activists turned to their elected representatives for help.

No Undue Burden? What Texas' HB2 Means For Maria (Rewire) October 3, 2014 - Got seven hours to spare? Watch the entirety of the drive from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio and decide for yourself whether Texas' omnibus anti-abortion law constitutes an "undue burden" for Texans seeking abortion care.

We Won't Forget: The End of Safe, Legal Abortion Care in Texas' Rio Grande Valley (Rewire) March 7, 2014 - Valley residents mark the closure of the Rio Grande Valley's last legal abortion clinic in the wake of new omnibus anti-abortion regulations in Texas.

Texas Lawmakers Seek To Close 'Loopholes' In Minors' Access To Abortion (Rewire) May 3, 2013 - Meet a Texas lawyer who helps teens access legal abortion care.