Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Would You Like Some Help With That? (The Offing) July 22, 2015 - Meet "Anti-Oppression Clippy," the most socially conscious of all virtual office assistants.

Losing My Lege (RH Reality Check) January to May, 2015 - A weekly political column about the goings-on in and around the Texas state capitol during the 84th Texas Legislature.

HB2 Gifsplained (RH Reality Check) October 15, 2014 - How Texas' omnibus anti-abortion law made it from the state capitol to the Supreme Court.

State of the Media (Texas Observer) - I took over the Observer's long-running media criticism column from the estimable Bill Minutaglio in July 2014.

Hitched (The Frisky) - "Hitched" is a weekly column about wedding planning, the wedding industrial complex and related patriarchal bullshit.

With "Informed Consent" Bill, Texas Legislators Serve Needs Of ... Texas Legislators (RH Reality Check) May 4, 2011 - Politics, not logic, explains why Texas legislators believe some abortion-seeking women need more "informed consent" than others.

Alternatives to Planned Parenthood? Not in Texas. (RH Reality Check) April 6, 2011 - Before I met with Texas State Representative Dan Flynn, I truly believed that even the most passionate anti-choice conservative couldn’t look me in the face and tell me they didn’t really care whether I got the reproductive health care I needed.

Why There Aren't More Female Comics At SXSW (Jezebel) February 24, 2011 - How can one of the country's most progressive, independent festivals books just one woman out of thirty comics for its comedy showcase?

My Brush With Cervical Cancer (Jezebel) February 24, 2011 - Millions of women each year deal with the fallout of contracting HPV. I am one of them.

I Used To Be A Pro-Life Republican (RH Reality Check) February 8, 2011 - Progressives argue the GOP has staged a "war on women." I used to be one of their most passionate soldiers.

In City Mayoral Race, Is CM Angela Hunt's The Only Personal Life That Matters? (Unfair Park, Dallas Observer news blog) - January 14, 2011 - A Dallas Morning News columnist wonders if being a mom means Hunt can't be mayor. What year is it, again?

Who Will Rape Me? (Hay Ladies!) December 21, 2010 - At 27 years old, I have not yet been a victim of sexual assault. But let’s be real: that fact is likely to change.

Stars and Stripes Go On Forever For the Downtrodden Texas GOP - (Dallas Observer) - July 17, 2010 - It's hard to be white and affluent in Texas these days. Or so say state conventioneers.

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